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Our Latest Project

Here are representative examples of initiatives undertaken or currently pursued by SIROAL. Note that specific details may be intentionally omitted to uphold client confidentiality and discretion.  

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Corporate intelligence

Conducted corporate intelligence, operations, and risk mitigation planning and implementation on 

Security Room
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Cyber intelligence....

Awarded Letter of Implementation to provide cyber security testing and “red team” operations for Middle Eastern banking operations

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Senior government advisory

Our CEO served for over 5 years as the Senior Advisor to the US Ambassador, US Commanding General

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Created and implementing the operational and logistical systems for the Recovery Group. A full scope asset recovery firm focused on analyzing,

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Risk mitigation

SIROAL developed and implemented a risk mitigation program for a US-based firm working throughout the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America

Working from Home
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SIROAL provides geo-political, logistics, finance, and operational services to an internationally recognized nonprofit medical foundation

Corporate Intelligence

SIROAL International excels in corporate intelligence, strategic planning, and risk mitigation. We deliver comprehensive solutions for international clients, addressing issues like fraudulent accounting, Defense Base Act irregularities, FCPA compliance, logistic irregularities, and Congressional inquiries. With a global network and customized approach, we provide exceptional results in today's complex business landscape. Trust SIROAL for reliable, tailored solutions to your toughest challenges.

Cyber Intelligence Security Assessment and Training
  • Awarded Letter of Implementation to provide cyber security testing and “red team” operations for Middle Eastern banking operations on behalf of the country's National Security Advisor

  • Directed the development of global cyber security team and world class cyber training operations for international organization encompassing domestic and international counter-terrorism policy and operations

  • Assisted in the creation and implementation of cyber human intelligence units for international law enforcement organizations

  • In association with the International Law Enforcement Operations Unit – uncovered suspected FCPA and fraud involving US corporations and African government leaders and uncovered fraud via international African bank against US citizens and companies and designed procedures for asset recovery

  • Successfully directed intelligence and operational investigation for an international bank focusing on uncovering suspected fraud and theft.

  • Successfully conducted corporate intelligence, operations, cyber investigations on behalf of numerous international corporate CEOs and Corporate General Counsels involving fraudulent accounting practices, Defense Base Act irregularities, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), and logistic irregularities resulting in the trafficking of illegal goods.

  • Utilizing specialized cyber and human intelligence methodology, provided follow-on investigation and review of U.S. Congressional inquiries involving US government, NATO, UN, and private commercial contracts and funding.

Senior Government Advisory
  • Our CEO brings a wealth of experience, serving as Senior Advisor to the US Ambassador, US Commanding General, and NATO/ISAF Commander for over 5 years. He also held the positions of Chief Financial Officer for the US Mission in Afghanistan and Senior Advisor for operations to the Special Inspector General. Recognized for his distinctive competence in operations, diplomacy, and capacity building, he was once again sought to spearhead the institutional reform of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  

  • SIROAL’s CEO has been called upon to provide geo-political, risk mitigation, logistical, and operational consulting to include developing plans for issues such as support to reconstruction and development effort to the Ministries of Interior and Foreign Affairs for countries in Asia and the Middle East; in addition to his services to the US State Department, US Defense Department, National Security Council, NASA, Office of Homeland Security, and offices of the UN.

  • SIROAL is instrumental in designing and deploying the operational and logistical foundations for the Recovery Group, a full-service asset recovery firm. The firm specializes in identifying, securing, and executing projects within the demolition, salvage, remediation, and site redevelopment spectrum. With a keen focus on facilities rich in scrap metal content like manufacturing plants, refineries, and buildings, the Recovery Group utilizes an innovative "above ground mining" approach. This unique strategy maximizes returns, particularly in regions where traditional demolition models face challenges due to factors such as a lender's limited understanding of collateral value or the structural specifics of the property.  

  • SIROAL has been integral in the growth and development of a burgeoning emergency medical evacuation company, specializing in services for conflict regions and emerging markets. We contributed to the creation and application of a strategic plan, enlarged operations, and navigated due diligence with strategic partners and business development for our client base.  

Risk Mitigation

SIROAL skillfully orchestrated a comprehensive risk mitigation strategy for a U.S.-based company operating across the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America. By leveraging geo-political and business intelligence, the program assures robust safeguards, curbing financial losses the firm had formerly encountered. This strategic implementation facilitated the recouping of millions of dollars, considerably bolstering their financial resilience.  


SIROAL International, a trusted provider of corporate intelligence, strategic planning, and operational services, aided an internationally recognized nonprofit medical foundation in developing a burn center in Kabul, Afghanistan.


With our extensive global network and on-the-ground experience, we swiftly assumed responsibility for the center's operations, procuring essential medical equipment and services. Through partnerships with an international emergency medical service and a consortium of doctors, we ensured comprehensive care for Afghan citizens and expatriates.


Our intervention resulted in the successful relocation and reopening of the Kabul Burn Center, saving lives and providing a reliable facility for overflow burn patients from military clinics. Trust SIROAL's expertise and customized approach to address complex challenges and deliver exceptional results in today's international landscape.

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